Loving on DreamHost

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I have worked with a number of hosting companies over the years but none as simple and transparent as DreamHost. As they celebrate their 16th anniversary, I celebrate their easy of use and my 7th year with them. When doing consulting or working with other customers’s current environments, I long for DreamHost instead of where… Read more »

SIP Headers for Distinctive Ring in Asterisk

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For a long time I have used Broadvoice for my VoIP provider, this is soon to change (more on this later). Before I lose some nice tricks I have come across with them, I wanted to share them so others could benefit from my hours of time trying to figure it out. With BroadVoice you… Read more »

Chance for Hobbies

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School had taken over my time and has kept me from having time for hobbies. In addition to finishing my undergraduate, I am just about to finish my MBA, followed by starting a full-time position and to top it off, get married. I hope that this summer I will be able to have more opportunity… Read more »

Internet Failover Using Cisco HSRP

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I have a very unique internet setup at my house, I currently have two Road Runner connections. One is for all the roommates and the other is for me, paid out of pocket for my consulting work. There are plenty of products out there that would allow failover but my version of failover, is like… Read more »

trixbox without branding of FreePBX

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Anyone who uses trixbox within the recent months has probably read about the battle between Phillip at FreePBX and Kerry at Fonality, which owns trixbox. Fonality forked FreePBX in order to better brand the product into trixbox. Not something I am interested in. I want all the latest features and bug fixes that FreePBX and… Read more »