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trixbox without branding of FreePBX

Anyone who uses trixbox within the recent months has probably read about the battle between Phillip at FreePBX and Kerry at Fonality, which owns trixbox. Fonality forked FreePBX in order to better brand the product into trixbox. Not something I am interested in. I want all the latest features and bug fixes that FreePBX and their team is able to provide, I don’t want to wait for Fonality to include them. These instructions were initially posted here, but I wanted to make them easier to find both for myself and anyone else feeling the same way. I didn’t follow all their steps but it seems to work just fine.

  1. Download trixbox .ISO – It still has the original FreePBX.
  2. Install trixbox
  3. yum update –exclude=tbm-pbxconfig –exclude=trixbox – this will get you all the current modules except for the forked FreePBX – trixbox has a dependency with tbm-pbxconfig, so that is why it is excluded
  4. Enjoy!

They say you need to install net-config but when I ran the update it seems to have resolved itself. I will make changes if I find there is a need for those packages again.

Update: Sounds like FreePBX comes to the rescue again. They have made an upgrade module to get back on their line of code instead of Fonality.

Update 2: I would continue to run the above yum command for any system updates to avoid breaking anything. I put the command in a file and just execute that instead when I need to update the system.

Update 3: I have stopped using Trixbox as I didn’t like the direction they were going in deviations. I now use the FreePBX Distro